Grow your Visibility (and your income) with attention-grabbing, professional-looking photos you take with nothing but your phone!

You know you need to have pro-looking photos, to stand out from the crowd and elevate your business but...

... no matter how hard you try, your photos are at best mediocre, you feel that you can't put those up because they are way too unprofessional and sharing them makes you feel social media shame.


... you feel frustrated because others seem to effortlessly take amazing photos with their phones and you just can't seem to make it work, no matter how many photos you take, hoping that at least one of them is good.


... you struggle with lighting and composition and you have no idea how to get those well-lit attractive photos


... you know you need so many good photos for your social media content, but have no idea how to create them yourself, so you use yet another stock photo, compromising your authenticity

Do you feel that too?

How about you stop wasting your time and feeling frustrated ...?

If you want to...

  • go from frantically searching or shooting a mediocre photo to go with your content, to being able to consistently make high quality photos, with clear steps and batch-planning
  • go from feeling social media shame to being able to feel proud of your photo stream, because it looks oh-so amazing and makes you look professional
  • feel confident that you are finally able to get those stunning photos that are aligned with you and your brand and that help you shine & stand out and grow your business
  • be able to make those photos yourself with ease and with nothing but your phone and without having to pay for yet another professional photoshoot
  • attract your dream clients into your business and make more sales, thanks to your amazing attention-grabbing photostream, that you created all by yourself with your phone!

I would love to help you get there!

Hi there, I'm Petra!

I'm a Brand Photography Teacher and Confidence Coach, helping business owners elevate their business and make more sales by teaching them how to stand out and TRULY connect with their dream clients with amazing photos they take with nothing but their phones.

With 14+ years experience as a wedding-, product- and brand photographer, plus 12+ years as a marketing expert, I instantly know what kind of business photos my clients need to connect with their dream clients and grow their income quickly.

My experience with mindset work allows me to help them build their confidence to proudly be the face of their business.

I discovered that teaching is one of the things that truly makes me happy and I love for my clients to feel all excited too when they see those ah-ma-zing and authentic pictures they managed to take themselves with nothing but their phone, knowing that they will make them look professional and trustworthy.

I see wonder in my every day world,

I inspire my clients to be mindful photographers.

I'm offering 3 ways to work with me...

1. 10-week in depth Course with VIP coaching

2. 1-day online Photo Class with Exercise Photo Shoot to Master your Phone Photography

3. Self-study courses

1. 10-week in-depth Course with VIP Coaching

Shine and Stand out and Attract your Dream Clients into your Business


If you too want to become strong phone photographer and produce stunning photos for your businesses consistently and with ease, if you too want to grow your visibility and YOUR INCOME by attracting more dream clients into your business... then click the button below to learn more about this amazing coaching course with step-by-step VIP guidance during 10 weeks!

I received this beautiful message from one of my coaching course clients, which captures exactly what I try to give in this course:

And my client Julia said:

"I absolutely love the course and you! And your passion and encouragement. Your knowledge, expertise and experience shines through! It doesn’t feel like an online course because of the way that you engage with me/us "

2. 1-day online Photo Class with Exercise Photo Shoot to Master your Phone Photography

Get the skills to confidently take those amazing attention-grabbing photos yourself with nothing but your phone, in just 1 day!

Imagine finally feeling proud of your photos on your social media/website, knowing that they make you look professional and trustworthy.

The relief to be able to stop wasting time on figuring out which settings to use and knowing that you are finally able to take stunning photos yourself, every time again.

Learn how to stand out with your brand and grow your visibility so you can make more sales.

With this personalised 1 day Photo Class with Exercise Photo Shoot you will make huge steps in little time, thanks to my personal and efficient approach.

I will help you with personalised advise on how to make brand aligned photos for your business.

How does it work?

* Intake form, to make sure you get personalised advise.

* Morning Photo Class (2,5h)

* Afternoon 3h Voxer Support Session for doing an exercise photo shoot with my immediate online help

* Lifelong acces to 'Shooting Stars' my private client member group, in which you can get my professional feedback on your photos, tutorials and monthly Q&A's. This bit is extremely valuable as you will learn lots from this.

Investment: €347 (at the time of writing this is £295 / $353)

For more information or booking:

3. Self-study courses

Speed Course

Learn how to quickly improve your smart phone photos with this Speed Course Phone Photography The Basics, 7 video-lessons with exercises.


Gift Cards

A birthday coming up? Not sure what to offer for the Holidays or a special occasion? Make someone happy with the original gift of a phone photography course.


Contact me at

This is what my clients say...

Géraldine Wise

Bristol Market Place

Group Speed Course

Petra came in my group of artisan makers and taught us how to take good pictures with our smart phones (very handy as they need to keep their cost down, as most of them are 'one (wo)man band')!

We all came away with a much better understanding about focus and light.

Petra was easy to understand and clear, no jargon. I would highly recommend her!

One of Géraldine's artisans:

Dennelle Taylor Nizoux


1-to-1 personalized Masterclass

Nowadays we communicate so much with photos, in both our personal and professional lives. And just as it takes skill to communicate effectively with words, we need to learn how to take a photo that expresses what we want.

Petra's personalised MasterClass was a perfect way to refresh what I'd learned about photography and incorporate the current tools and methods with smartphones.

Her exercises and reassuring approach removed the apprehension I felt about taking 'good' photos with my phone and brought me close to mastery. With her encouragement, I even learned how to take decent selfies!

I found the 1-to-1 MasterClass very helpful and the right level of detail for what I needed.

Krina Agnew

Student Instants Academy

“In the English language we talk about taking photos, in other languages it’s making photos. This is what Petra is able to do, she takes people from taking ordinary photos to making extra-ordinary, magical photos. Her feedback inspires others to do better, to be more mindful of their shots and she translates complex techniques into simple instructions for others to follow. She is not afraid to push people outside of their comfort zones and yet values the diversity that is being captured.”

Join the 880+ students at Instants Academy

Result from an exercise brand photo shoot

Result from an exercise brand photo shoot

Free tips and tutorials...

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